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Popular Q&A

Best dentist in thailand?
Well your stuck there buddy im thia but they dont have the pretiest teeth around i would ask the locals for that so i wish you luck and happy Vacation and such

Why do I keep getting letters from Delta Dental saying my HMO dentist has dropped me and I have to choose aga?
Go to a university that has a dental school. They can give affordable care for little to no cost. You can also go to a state clinic for care. As for dentists dropping you, it's clear they are doing it because you aren't accepting treatment...and they aren't getting any money from you. I have...

I go to one of the top 100 high school and i get a 3.0 can i become a dentist?
You could even go to one of those lowly PUBLIC schools and become a dentist. You just have to get through 4 years of college first.

Pediatric Dentists?
One place near Hartford would have lots of great pediatric dentists-- The UConn School of Dental Medicine. They are nearby in Farmington. The school have a faculty practice where your child can be seen by a licensed pediatric dentist (costs the same as a regular dentist), or in the student...

Can I get knockout gas for the dentist, If i have Mass health Insurance?
Look into sleep dentistry. They give you an IV with fentanal that puts you into a deep sleep. You wake up after the surgery, totally stoned, feeling crazy, and you don't remember a thing. I did this and I loved it. I also made sure before I went under that the doc wrote me a rx for percoset...