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Popular Q&A

What is wrong with my jaw? Jaw cracked and hurting for a month?
Sorry to tell you this, but it is more than likely TMJ (Temperomandibular Joint Syndrome)....caused by the deterioration of the jaw joints and the disks in those joints. It can be caused by a dental procedure gone bad, by an injury to the upper neck, shoulders, or head or jaw, by othodontic...

Best dental appliance for sleep apnea?
Any General Dentist can take impressions and send them to Great Lakes Orthodontic Laboratory and they will fabricate the appliance. It is called a Herbst appliance. I have never seen it fail. The devise is used for snoring as well. It is made to fit both upper and lower at the same time and...

Can a non dentist own a practice in orlando florida?
If your asking if someone who isn't a dentist can legitimately own and operate a practicing dentist's office in Florida...Yeah, probably. It's Florida.

Sinus and facial problems from TMJ?
Facial pain from non-dental origin has been a very confusing area for dentist for years. This is an area where knowledge from just one specialty of dentistry is not enough. Comprehensive care for patients suffering chronic facial and neck pain comes from colloborative efforts from various dental...