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Popular Q&A

How much money should i get in child support?
Well that will depend on how much your monthly expenses are you must consider how much you need for clothing, shoes swinging lessons, little league or any kind of sports your son may want to play? Dose your mom baby sit for free? You should pay her something even if she uses the money to...

Dentist in Baltimore City, Maryland?
yes gail meyer on hanover street. a friend of mine worked for her she takes her kids there great work. i go to her great work very low price

Pregnant dentist?
make sure the dentist knows you are pregnant. and by that I mean TELL him. dont assume they can tell, no matter how far along you are. my OBGYN gave me a piece of paper with what I can and cant have done at the dentist while pregnant. some dentists wont work with you without this

Teeth Grinding, Any Good dentists out there?
You do need a mouth guard to prevent the grinding damages, but it won't stop you from doing that... try the treatments offered here - see what works for you and read about the biofeedback device. you can try it for free because it currently offered...

What is a better job, gastroenterologists, dentists, or chorus teacher?
Im not sure what a gastroenterlogist does, but I work in the dental industry & my personal thoughts are, think about the job descriptions, does the world "NEED" a gastroenterologist, can you live without a dentist, or is being a "chorus teacher" a necessity profession. I would definetly recommend...