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Popular Q&A

If my GPA is 3.3 , can I still be a good candidate for dental schools?
3.3 is way too low. You want 3.5 bare minimum (overall and science) to even stand half a chance. check out the admitted class profiles of some dental school and med school websites. You'll see they are both often 3.6 or 3.7 or higher average gpa

Is this by any chance available anywhere?
try your library. they might have

I just had my wisdom tooth out last week and the pain didnt go away so I went back found out I have dry socket
Dry sockets are not very pleasant. I have had them and they are very painful. You WILL be cured of this so look ahead and know it's not permanent. You need pain killers. For the immediate over the counter, take tylenol 600mg. That will help a lot. I would ask the Dentist for some vicodin. This...

I have ear/jaw/face pain, but no infection. I took sudafed per the Dr., but no help, any ideas?
Yes I had the same thing, it sounds like. The doctor said there was nothing wrong that she could see. I seriously thought I might go to the dentist because the pain seemed to be in the teeth and jaw as well. I finally tried an antihistamine like claritan and it helped a LOT. Then I was...

What's the difference between a Dentist and a Dental Hygenist?
A Dentist is someone who can offer many services to care for your teeth and gums. They can pull teeth out (also known as extraction), do fillings, braces, and so forth. A Dental Hygienist's job duties vary by state. In Washington, where I live, Hygienists can do cleanings, root planings, fillings...