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Popular Q&A

Dentists: Elevator for a mandibular molar extraction?
yes its perfectly ok but you have to hold the premolar or support it with your thumb when you elevate the 1st molar.

Where can i buy cheek retractors on the high street?
You would get them on the high street only Dental suppliers try Sky Dental 01233 502605 or the Dental Directory 01376 391 260 i hope they can help

Depression lifted from mercury filling removal?
I've noticed an improvement. The process needs to be done by a dentist trained in the process. Dr. Mercola, at has his removed by a dentist without such training, and suffered health problems for several years afterwards. Go to his website: "mercury" SEARCHBAR. ~~~ Depression:...

Ktar, allstar ,kzzp,the peak azfamily listen trivia for 10/29/09?
KTAR 92.3 8:15 am = ELEVATOR 11:20am = BIAS 2:03 pm = COLD 3:20 pm = SWEATER WEATHER 8:20 pm = ODD ANSWER Trivia -------- All Multiple-Choice Trivia = ABC Sleuth Trivia = PUMPKIN United Nations Trivia = 192 Bonus -------- Fort McDowell Casino = ANNIVERSARY KTAR Rewards Insider 10/29 = PUMPKINS...

1800 Frenchmen, J.M. Jacquard invents the Jacquard Loom. Count Alessandro Volta invents the battery 1804 Freidrich Winzer (Winsor) was the first person to patent gas lighting. Richard Trevithick, an English mining engineer, developed the first steam-powered locomotive. Unfortunately, the machine...