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Popular Q&A

Can I die from a toothache?
with it staying in your can also die - an infection can set in and well that's pretty close to your brains. yanking it out yourself - sure you could bleed to death.

Does anyone know of a dog dentist in MA?
faxon animal rescue league/sylvan animal clinic on durfee st in fall river. They do everything lower cost. They are also a rescue league. It's cheaper because a lot of their vets work as volunteers. Like when they do low cost spay, neuters, and teeth cleaning the vets are putting in their...

Teeth whitening gel/ whitestrips?!?
As long as you use the whitening gel in moderation (that means small amounts in your tray in each tooth slot) then you should be fine. I have known patients that use the gel for years. You will know if your teeth start to get sensitive if you are using the gel too frequently. The best place...

Dentist Office?
I agree with all those that said try to University, If they have a dental program it will be for the best for you. A lot of Dental offices have patients with these problems. I've worked front and back office, and can tell you, there's no way to quote a price. Honestly. If there is impaction...