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Popular Q&A

Dental hmo or ppo?
Ok first off, an HMO is usually cheaper. Most dental plans are nothing like health plans so be careful. 90% of plans are what they call 100-80-50 plans 100% coverage for preventative, cleanings xrays etc, 80 for basic, fillings.., and 50% major. As in crowns dentures, the big ticket items....

In search of a good dentist for toddlers?
I am on this answers thing a lot and the one thing I stress to parents is to take their child to a pediatric dentist. Family Dentists sound friendly, but they and their staff are not equipped and mentally prepared to handle young, frightened, fidgety children. They can resort to unsafe methods...

Any good books for dentistry?
I am not sure there is anything out there that you are looking for. I am not sure if you want a book directed at the public or dentists. Try going to and Those are the website for organized dentistry in the US. Or go to Amazon and see what kind of books there are on dentistry...

Anyone have experience with dental implants?
Dental implants can be a costly procedure. An entire team of professionals are needed to deliver a long-lasting smile. Implant procedures demand a great deal of the doctor's and staff's time and effort. The prosthodontist intensely studies your health profile, and then develops a plan to meet...

At what age should your child go to an adult dentist?
What do you mean by an "adult" dentist? Dentists accept children as young as age 3 years old into their offices. Now, pediatric dentists only accept children. Regular dentists accept any age, so I think you are misunderstanding the "adult" thing here.