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Popular Q&A

What dentists/orthodontists accept straight-medicaid in orange county, new york?
Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a white smile. However, not that many people like all of the work that it takes to maintain a white smile. The fact is that everything we eat has an effect on the overall color of our teeth. There are a lot of reasons that people have stains and discoloration...

Why doesn't my mom trust me?
she is in denial that you are growing up. Its not that she doesnt trust you its that she doesnt trust the people around you lol I know, thats what every mom says but im kinda in the same relationship with my mom and im already 15. She admitted to me that she wasnt comfortable letting me go...

I have a lot of tooth pain and no insurance which is making me depressed. Can you cheer me up?
Look up mission of mercy and dentistry with a heart [or maybe its "from the heart"?] in your area. Those are two programs where dentists hold a 'free day' type event and do dental work at no charge. Mission of Mercy is usually a once a year type event with tons of dentists from one state, the...

Pitcairn Island Questions?
Pitcairn Island Island (pop., 2000 est.: 54), south-central Pacific Ocean. It is the only inhabited island of the Pitcairn island group, which also includes Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno islands. It has an area of about 2 sq mi (5 sq km). Discovered in 1767 by the British, it was uninhabited until...

What are some dentistry colleges in Montreal Quebec, Canada?
Quebec is different from the states. A college here isn't a university, they are two different things. The process is High school > Cegep (college) > University If you are looking for the dental program in a university, there's McGill in english (the only one). Others are french which are UdeMontreal...