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Popular Q&A

Are there any cosmetic dentists willing to do free work in brampton ontario ?
Question Are you a member of extreme fitness in Toronto? I'm looking for a copy of their contract- as they would not give me one in person. If you have one I would appreciate it if you could scan it, and upload it to and post the link here. Uploading to is free...

Shortest dental assisting programs in the bay area?
You can also arrange to work for a dentist and get trained on the job. You don't necessarily have to go to school to become a DA.

Sueing My Childs Dentist?
Yes, you may file a lawsuit against your former dentist- however, I suggest you contact your former dentist before you start anything. You already did the most important thing you can do to file a lawsuit against a dentist, and that is getting a second opinion from another dentist. Your new...

NHS Dentist/Primary Care Trust Query?
You can signed with any NHS dentists in your area and it is their obligation to take you on acoording to U.K law! If they refuse, it will be breach of NHS dental care law if the surgery has a contract with PCT(primary care trust). My advice: contact your local PCT help line and ask for local...

What's a crown (from a dental point of view)?
I am the queen of crowns! When you have a tooth that has such a big filling that it can no longer be successfully filled. You have two options at this point: 1. If it is abcessed, the tooth will require a root canal, followed by a crown. This is necessary, as once the root canal has been...