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Popular Q&A

Need to find a dentist for children that accepts medicaid in south tampa?
I am in Tampa also. I called a pediatric dentist in South Tampa and they said that : Dr. Dooms--630-0013 is the only one they know of that takes Medicaid Patients. They accept patients starting at age 6. Their address is 7875 Palm River Road, The Clair Mel City Area. That is between 301...

Does anybody have Prentice Hall Spanish book 2? (Realidades 2)?
el banco-bank el centro-downtown el consultorio-doctor's /dentists office el estacion de servicio, pl. las estaciones de servicio-service station la farmacia-pharmacy el supermercado-supermarket el buzon, pl. los buzones-mailbox la carta-letter echar una carta-to mail a letter el correo-post...

I need help finding these answers online?
You might have already guessed that we're not doing your homework (since you asked about four times now). Just Google each one. For example, you can begin looking for the first one here: BTW: The object of an assignment like this is for you to learn...

Pitcairn Island Questions?
Pitcairn Island Island (pop., 2000 est.: 54), south-central Pacific Ocean. It is the only inhabited island of the Pitcairn island group, which also includes Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno islands. It has an area of about 2 sq mi (5 sq km). Discovered in 1767 by the British, it was uninhabited until...

I have a post nasal condition,I can't get a nights sleep w/out wakin and coughing,chokin. can anyone help me?
Have had this same problem. At first thought it was a sinus infection started after a tooth extraction but after many rounds of antibiotics from dentist, went to my family Dr. for my regular follow ups and he diagnosed my nasal condition as an allergy type of condition. He prescribed a strong...