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Popular Q&A

I need a dentist? Help!?
Tell your parents. It is likely that you need to go back to the dentist and have your crown filed down a little to get your bite back to normal. I don't know if they charge for that where you live, they didn't when I had a crown done where I live. If you have a tooth pulled you can have...

Positive Effects of Immigration in Canada?
The national railways were built in the 1880's. not the 1950's, so that is completely wrong, in the historical sense. Canada in the 1950's was building the St Lawrence seaway, and expanding the Alberta oil fields, and building the far northern DEW line of military defence radar stations, to...

I had my daughter in may and I still cant find a dentist to accept my medicaid is there one around that will?
HI, your case-worker should have provided you with a list of dentists that participate with Medicaid.. ask him/her about it. Also, your ob/gyn and/or pediatrician may know of some... Best of luck.

Looking for an equine dentist?
You can call Robin Barrow DVM they travel very experienced in Dentistry. The last number i had is Area 770 464 0890. Or look up the name on Web BARROW VETERINARY CLINIC close to Buford ga.

Is there any free dental work afford in atlanta, ga?
Look up the Ben Massell dental clinic in Atlanta. Services are provided on a sliding scale based on ability to pay. Also, periodically, free dental services are provided by volunteer dentists in locations around the metropolitan area. First Baptist Church/Woodstock hosted such an event a...