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Popular Q&A

Why do people enjoy videos of kids who are high on pain meds after surgery or the dentist?
I feel it's because a majority of people (such as parents) have all gone through this, especially wisdom teeth. So when they see their child going through the same state as they once were, it's amusing. Plus, it is not harming anyone compared to intaking alcohol. So I think people find it funny/amusing...

UIC vs. UIUC. Which is better in your opinion?
First off, if you want to go to nursing then UIC is the place, hand down, period! They have the best Medical program in the country, rated among the 100 best colleges in the world- they are basically the best in medicine, dentistry, nursing, etc... UIUC in the other hand is the BEST for engineering...

Would you trust this dentist to work on your teeth?
I had extensive dental work done in prison - by a prison dentist (roughly equivalent to a low income dentist). Not only was the service much faster than in a public dental practice, but my current dentist could not fault the work done by the prison dentist. Why do you not ask the dentist about...

Doctor, dentist and ob/gyn in Philly Area?
My dentist is great. Dr. Earl Pearson. His office is 8227 Stenton Avenue in Mount Airy. His phone number is 215-242-1757. He has been practicing for 20 years, though looks much younger. He also owns the practice. Very patient and fast (but gentle). If you decide to use PennCare Women's...

Are there ANY books about Ida Grey Nelson, first African American woman dentist?
Well, I've not actually heard of her. For that, I am sorry. But you could check out craigslist, or bing, or amazon. Hopefully that helps! GOOD LUCK!