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Popular Q&A

Do you have to be SUPER smart to be a dentist?
If Court is a dentist then I am a rocket scientist. Knowing the numbers of the teeth is the least of your worries. As the DDS of 38 yrs said, you need to possess an above average intelligence and manual dexterity. Being good in math and science will help greatly. The most important trait...

I'ml ooking for a low income dentist in Sarasota or Bradenton.?
The best place to look is with your local dental society. They will have a listing of dentists that provide free or sliding scale services to patients. The listing will probably include local dental schools that will treat you at a fraction of the cost. Best Wishes.

What to research before moving to a different state...?
Things can be very different from city to city within a state. You need to decide on a few different cities you'd consider and then research and compare them. In addition to the things you have already mentioned look at cost of living, unemployment, home foreclosures, insurance, crime, weather...

Dentist that takes Medicaid in NJ?
Medicaid dentists are not good. Thats why they accept Medicaid. And it does not cover adults.

Are there any decent places in Orange County Fl. and or Tampa that take section 8???
Ybor City in Tampa is not just a good place to meet people but also to find work.My dentist hired an assistant he met in Ybor and rented her a house he owned with Section 8 vouchers.Medical assistants usually come to Florida to get education and experience then move back north where the pay...