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Popular Q&A

Dentist that except medicaid?
It is hard to find a Medicaid dentist. You can look at the state or county Medicaid website or call the phone number to get a listing of them. You can get dental services at most non-profit health clinics, at county clinics that have dental services, dental colleges, or if you are lucky some...

Where can i find a dentist who takes medicaid for my 16 year daughter in pensacola FL.They said she cannot go?
Did you try calling the state Medicaid phone number to ask for a dental provider?

I need a good dentist in michigan,porthuron-detroit,tha... takes medicade,?
Try the University of Michigan or University of Detroit-Mercy. They can provide good dental treatment for around half of what private dentists charge.

Private Dentists?
i went to a private dentist 3 days ago, it was the first time in 14 yrs that id been, i thought i'd need loads of work and that it would cost an arm and a leg but cost ?40 for the examination ?40 for a clean up of tarter and ?45 for one tooth to be taken out...i did hear that it was...

Sedation dentistry question?
I feel your pain, as i just went to the dentist for the first time in 14 years last Thursday (after a traumatizing dental experience as a kid), and lucky me, I found myself in the dental surgeon's office the next day getting an abscessed tooth pulled. All the while, my dental phobia is well...