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Popular Q&A

Where is there a good dentist school in california?
Check out the American Dental Association website ( for a list of all the schools in the country. Here is a list of California Schools. (Note: this is for the undergraduate DDS or DMD degree. You will need to complete (and do well in) one of those programs first prior to applying...

Tell me more about emergancy dentists? Do accident and emergancy deal with teeth sometimes?
A & E do not deal with dental problems unless it is as a result of traumatic injury e.g. jaw broken, but then you would admitted for surgery. There are emergency dentists in all local authorities, do a search on for emergency dentist in your town.

Smile makeovers?
Unfortunately, Care Credit (and Dental Fee Plan) are credit finance companies and will look at credit ratings and ability to repay the loan. A person on disability may not qualify. For the exact same reasons, dentists are unlikely to extend credit to a poor risk. You would be asking a small...

Is it okay for a 14 year old boy to take a stuffed toy to the dentist?
well if it helps you through then yes i know people who are terrified or scared of the dentist i used to bring my stuffed animal i love ming ming

Which of the following designates a dentist educated to a higher level and capable of a higher level of practi?
DDS and DMD are the same degree-different schools give them out. No difference at all. This is what a dentist has. RDH is registered dental hygienist. they clean teeth. cda is certified dental assistant. they assist the dentist.