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Popular Q&A

Best way of becoming a dentist?
Forget the military as you will not get the needed college requirements to apply to dental school. Go to college and obtain a BS or BA degree. Take science courses. Strive for at least a 3.6 gpa. Why don't you work with your dentist and let him be your mentor. Perhaps he has a little pull...

Anyone know Louis Gordon McDonald?
I found one person with this name but he must be a namesake for he was convicted in 1896 for setting fire to his factory. (source 1 and 2) There is a dentist in Billings named Dr. Chris McDonalds- you might contact him for information or directions for further research. (source 3) With a common...

Please help me with my question?
The insurance co. can't tell you it's not an emergency until the dentist says it's not an emergency! This sounds like an emergency to me! Make an appointment immediately. Hot and cold or sweet and sour sensitivity is an emergency! You may need root canal therapy! This is not something...

I'm looking for a sedation dentist that accepts caresource insurance in cleveland?
Sedation may not be what you think Just a heads up,you may not want them to give you the drug called Versed ( Midazolam ) In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" during a procedure are awake for the entire procedure but remember nothing, often believing they...

On an average, how much does braces cost ?
I used to live in surrey!! I had braces when i was 8 (yeah i know, its early). Had them for 14 months (just phase 1, and then i got braces again when i was 14 for two years AND IM GETTING THEM OFF TOMORROW WOOO so excited sorry:P) and i only had them on the top when i was 8 (in surrey, my dentist...