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Popular Q&A

Toothache has only just subsided 8 weeks after a filling - are my teeth O.K?
The first thing you need to know is that any dentist that uses "Silver" fillings is part of an ignorant group of dentists that have bought into the American Dental Associations myth that "Silver" fillings are safe and do not cause you health risks. That is false and been proven wrong. I would...

What do like about your dental hygienist? What do you consider a good dental hygienist?
It might sound silly, especially from a 35 year old, but I think mommies make the best hygienists. The ones at my last and new dentists are both moms and you can really tell. They're more tender, caring, patient, sympathetic, and quick to comfort. I remember once even my last dentist cradled...

Anybody know if the horror stories about Cosmetic Dentistry are true? And how much does it cost?
How long ago did you get the crowns? I would never live with bad crowns, and I would go back to the dentist and have them do them over for FREE. After all they are your front teeth and everybody can see them. A proper crown wont show and should look normal. Why pay for veneers when your real...

I am looking for a dentist in Greensboro NC that does crowns at a very low cost..any suggestions?
Don't go for too cheap, because those are off-shored to China and contain lead.

PLEASE HELP!!(I Need All The Help I Can Get!!)?
Document title William J. Morrison (1860-1926) : Co-inventor of the cotton candy machine Author(s) CHRISTEN Arden G. (1) - CHRISTEN Joan A. (2) - Author(s) Affiliation(s) (1) Indiana University Nicotine Dependence Program, Indiana University Schools of Dentistry and Medicine, U.S. (2) Indiana...