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Popular Q&A

Does ueber in German take the accusative?
Neither of your answers is correct, I'm afraid. 1) "Uber" is a so-called two-way preposition, which means that it is followed by the dative or the accusative. 2) If "uber" refers to a fixed location, it triggers the dative case. E.g. Das Bild hangt uber dem Schrank. If "uber" refers to motion...

Dentist recommended gold crown.excessive price.need better options. Less money.
In our office all custom fabricated crowns are the same price......doesn't matter which material, they are all expensive and take the same amount of work. Cheaper alternative--out of the box stainless steel crown.

After college in the U.S., should I move to England to start my career as a pediatric dentist?
Dentists in the UK make very little, while those in the US can make, relatively speaking, quite a bit. Dentists in the UK also don't seem to have quite as much freedom in their practices as they do in the US. I think you need to research what being a dentist in the UK, and in the US, is actually...

Gay Rights vs. Religious Rights?
To me, the big problem here is the fact that people do not see the two as co-existing peacefully. All of the examples they cited are ones I disagree with- nobody in a private institution or business should be forced to have anything to do with gay people if they don't want to (the government...

Does a dentist have to inform you of price before you have a service done?
When you are back in the dentist chair, the dentist is concerned about your teeth and not so much your wallet. In the middle of a filling, the decay can go to the nerve in a hurry and then you are in to a root canal and a crown(crap) They(the dr and assistant) should stop and go over an informed...