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Popular Q&A

Reoccuring Dry Socket Pain?
for the mean time take tons of tylenol and advil and make an appointment with your dentist to have him check it out. OHP

Who is the best in OKC for full denture implants..????
You will find lots of great general dentists, implant dentists and denturists in the Oklahoma City area on the eHealthPlus networks. Just search by zip code and talk to their offices about dental implants. If you feel good about the dentist, stick with them.

Chart Hits Video 36400 5 Mile rd, Livonia Mi 48154?
What exactly do you want to know about Chat Hits Videos in Livonia, Michigan? You need to explain what exactly you want to know about Chart Hits Videos other that the place was good place to rent videos and games.

Anesthesia on a special needs kid?
As long as he has an anesthesiologist taking care of him, he'll be fine. We take care of all sorts of kids, many much sicker than your son. He will be watched like a hawk, and will be well taken care of. I would suggest that you visit his pediatrician and have him/her write a consult listing...

Twilight confessions?
haha- yeah thats so me [: 1. i always think as if someone can read my mind- then im like STOP YOUR GOING CRAZY- but then i start thinking my thoughts are an open door, and someone is listening again 2. my dentist & doctor make me think of carlisle 3. im probley going to let my skin get paler...