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Popular Q&A

Ideas for a childrens book?
:) those are some cute ones, but if it's illustrated, kids might not like something like a trip to the emergency room... some of my ideas: -My baby sister -Everyone messes up sometimes -Lying is bad -My first recital -Making a blanket -Loosing my puppy -My first day at Elementary School -Scavenger...

University for dentistry in Germany?
Since you're quite a special case, you should aks the university first on how to proceed.In general, access to medcine etc. in germany is limited and the existing seats are distributed by ZVS.However, on their site it says that Non-Eu foreigners should apply directly at the university. http://www...

What are the dentist universities in chicago or the universities that have the dentistry program?
University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry 801 South Paulina Street Suite # 102 Chicago, IL 60612 Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine- Illinois 555 31st Street Downers Grove, IL 60515 Normally students apply to dental school at the end of their junior year in college...

Is there a way to be a dentist and travel and the same time?
There are dentists that travel to other countries to do service and have their practices at home as well. You might also look into joining the military or Peace Corps.

Tooth implant nashville tn?
What are you wanting to know? I do not know of anyone personally but looked this upon the American college of prosthodontics website. A prosthodontic is a professional specializing in replacement teeth. Dr. Fonda G. Robinson Meharry Medical College...