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Popular Q&A

How much do braces cost without insurance?
I'-m here in Milwaukee n the cost for braces without insurance are a good chunk of change. I guess it depends where u go. I say around 5,000 or more. Look at your options. Don'-t just pick one. Look into serval different orthodontist n see which one is best for u. N as far as payment...

Nurse Anesthesia or Dentistry? Which career choice would you choose?
Dentistry is a harder subject, but has much more in the potential earnings category. A dentist is going to see some really disgusting stuff and paint peeling smells...but can go his entire career without having a patient die while he's doing his job. And a dentist won't come into contact with...

I am taking Penn Foster online course for Dental Assistant has anyone taking Penn Foster courses?
Well bless you for raising 5 kids! I actually, however, wouldn't take any course from an 'online school' such as penn foster or stratford career institute as most employers don't view them as reputable in addition to dental assistants needing a certain amount of clinical, hands-on experience...

Does the university of tennessee offer pre-dentistry?
No. You can do the dentistry track for pre-professional Health Sciences (it's in their catalog somewhere), but you get a regular Bachelors'. I think they don't want to seem to promise a spot in Dentistry school.