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Popular Q&A

Need a dentist for 27 yr. old autistic son who can't brush properly and teeth are in bad shape. How do I find
`See a homeopath for a tooth formula `strawberries are good at removing plaque ` make him 2 cups of green tea per day, take with cayenne pepper capsules , (or does he like chili) `cranberry juice with aloe vera juice & blueberries will help ` olive leaf extract will help to protect his immune...

Will braces fix an open bite?
Hi Jordan, Yes, braces will close an open bite, but that is the easy part. An open bite is usually caused by some abnormal force that pushes the teeth apart and creates an opening between the teeth. Forces like the habit of sucking your thumb or a tongue thrust habit. The orthodontist should...

I am a total dentist chicken! Oral Surgery ?
Hi Brooklyn! Yes, I promise you will be fine. I have practiced in dentistry for over 25 years and have assisted many Oral Surgeons in extractions. You made the right choice to be put in a "twilight" sleep for this. You will go to sleep and the next voice will be the nurse trying to wake...

Whats the cheap but clean n best place to stay in cebu.i have three kids 21,19 n 10 plus me n my hubby?
Here is the Kiwi Lodge website You haven't said what your budget is so your cheap could be luxury for me. Anyway, has lots of good deals. Check the Cebu section here Some deals to check out on there - Marco Polo Hotel for...

Looking for a listing of dentist in columbia,mo that takes blue-cross blue-shield insurance?
Look on your polich it should give that information. Call you 1 800 number on your card and they can give you a site to go to to get the information. on ours you have to giv enotice anyway that you are going top a dentist or doctor.