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Popular Q&A

Free dentist or low- income dentist?
You should definitely call local Dental Schools/Colleges. The work is done by advanced students who are supervised by professors. I go to one in NY and am satisfied -- my student doctor seems to work better than the previous private practitioner! Do you have Medicaid? If you are poor, you might...

Anyone know a good, cheap dentist for kids braces in Youngstown, OH - Sharon, PA area?
You have severely underestimated the cost to the dentist. I am an orthodontist, and I certainly do not pocket 80-90% of my fee, as you have suggested (boy, that would be nice though.) The words GOOD and CHEAP can go together for clothing sales, not healthcare. You generally get what you pay...

Is medical insurance payments tax deductible?
You will not be eligible for any if your paycheck is two-tiered. That means your health insurance premiums are being deducted from your gross income and that becomes your net income. If you have the exact difference in Box 12, number "D", that means you are getting tax-free health insurance...

Why did the parents of writer Zane Grey name him Pearl ?
Pearl Zane Gray was born January 31, 1872, in Zanesville, Ohio. His birth name may have originated from newspaper descriptions of Queen Victoria's mourning clothes as "pearl gray".[2] He was the fourth of five children born to Alice "Allie" Josephine Zane, whose English Quaker immigrant ancestor...

Is my university education plan possible with ROTC?
As I understand it, you can attend med school after ROTC and not only will the army let you complete Med school, but if you apply and are accepted, you can get a med school scholarship (Much like ROTC, except for medical school). The Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) is a program...