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Popular Q&A

Any dentist that accept medicaid in lincoln,NE?
You can call up the 800 number to get a directory of participating dentists.

Write a proper name for each common noun?
Mount St. Helens Nile River Waldo Obama Yosemite University of California Santa Cruz Dr. Plackman Vons San Francisco Papa New Guinea Officer Dick Duchess Olivia Nurse Lilly Puerto Rico Rose

Some Character help, please!!!?
The name of a character should never reflect their personality or attributes, unless it's a nickname. It's not like a child is born and the parents say "she will be the rival, so I shall name her [name meaning rival]". The best thing you can do is look up a naming baby website, and since you...

How is dentistry and what's its best specialization?
Well dentistry is a lucrative field, however, there is a great responsibility making sure not to break a patient's tooth, not to miss a potentially serious cavity or absess (absessed/infected tooth), diagnosing properly. There are specialties including general dentistry such as periodontics...

Question - IV Sedation / Dentist Pain?
Just a heads up,you may not want them to give you a drug called Versed In fact, many people who use Versed for "conscious sedation" during a procedure are awake for the entire procedure but remember nothing, often believing they were "out" the whole time. Versed (Midazolam) is an amnestic....