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Popular Q&A

Could anyone convince me that moving to the USA is a good idea to living in the UK?
It's not so easy to just pack up and go. You'd have to go through the humdrum of applying for a work visa, etc. The good news is that there is a demand for comp sci grads and getting a visa for you would be easier than for someone without specific skills. I fly to England a lot and am familiar...

Nursing or Dentistry? Which one would you choose?
Pathology for nurses was a difficult course and so was microbiology. Pathology for dentistry will be that much more difficult. There will be also be a large number of courses of equal if not greater difficulty because you're studying on a doctorate level, not an undergrad level. It is not logical...

What could be the USP unique selling point for a Dentist or Dental Center?
USP cannot be applied for Dentistry as you are not selling a product but service.Here what matters is the skill and knowledge of the doctors and also some specialised treatments at reasonable costs. One good point you could try is to give a free treatment in case of failures within a stipulated...

Care credit payment plan change?
I can't say that I have ever had a patient want to change their payment schedule. However, in my office I don't know that we would get involved in that. That is between the patient and Care Credit. If I am correct, the first year is interest free. If that is the case, then you should be...

Recommend a dentist in DC or Maryland?
Dr. Garret(: He's an amazing denist. And cheap too! He's in Mongomory County. (Sorry I spelt that wrong!)