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Popular Q&A

I am looking for a dentist in Greensboro NC that does crowns at a very low cost..any suggestions?
Don't go for too cheap, because those are off-shored to China and contain lead.

Physicians vs Dentists? Why?
DUTIES Dentists and doctors have different responsibilities. Dentists fill cavities, straighten teeth, repair broken teeth, and remove dead or diseased teeth. Cosmetic issues are a big part of dentistry: Patients see dentists for aesthetic improvements to the teeth, such as whitening and veneers...

I have horrible teeth, fillings keep falling out, teeth breaking off, went to 3 dentists, too much money?
I do understand your problem .. I'm 53 without medical and dental insurance, middle class but unable to afford the rates they charge. three years ago my teeth started breaking....even the ones with crowns on, I have 13 teeth left, 7 of which have crowns. For a temporary solution till I could...

In search of a good dentist for toddlers?
I am on this answers thing a lot and the one thing I stress to parents is to take their child to a pediatric dentist. Family Dentists sound friendly, but they and their staff are not equipped and mentally prepared to handle young, frightened, fidgety children. They can resort to unsafe methods...

50mg demerol vs 7.5 Percocet?
Both are strong pain meds. I think you should talk to your dentist before changing meds. You may be able to take Ibuprofen with the demerol, But I'd check with the pharmacist or dentist to see if there is a chance of drug reactions. I don't think there is but it's better to check. Did you get...