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Popular Q&A

What is considered cosmetic dentistry?
Any dentistry that improves your looks is considered cosmetic. I'd wait til braces are off and talk to dentist. Implants are very expensive, btw. Porcelain crowns are costly, too...I know...just spent $7600 for tops and $3500 for bottoms! But am happy to have a nice white smile now!

Inexpensive orthodontic care in San Francisco, ca?
Both the UOP School of Dentistry and the UCSF School of Dentistry have low-cost clinics, where students do the orthodontia supervised by professors (who are local, experienced orthodontists). You can pay as you go, nd the fees are much lower than private ortho.

Mexico city Dentists? cheap?
There's a lot of good dentists in Mexico City, sadly my dentist doesn't speak english. You can try to phone Hospital Angeles or Hospital Starmedica and ask if they know any dentists. Anyone working there is either good or has a lot of $$$ to rent consult space, those hospitals look more like...

Can I be a US armed forces dentist? DENTAL CORPS REQUIREMENTS To qualify for an Officer appointment in the Army Dental Corps, you must: * * Be a United States citizen To qualify for Active Duty employment consideration in any of the Corps...

What about your dream life?
if single.... job: Either Criminal Defence Lawyer or Criminal Behavioural Analyst and author as well as helping those in Thailand prisons. height: 5'6 home: In Australia: Huge. In Thailand: Apartment. children: One adopted teenage daughter. name(s): Whatever name she has... location: Thailand...