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Popular Q&A

Is this tooth probably going to need a root canal?
First of all: whether it's a root or gum issue, you DEFinitely have an infection. if you are pregnant, and your body is busy fighting an infection, it is busy producing all sorts of white blood cells and other things to fight the infection. Think of it this way - women can be great soldiers...

Teeth Alignment - My personal problem?
My top teeth lap over my bottom teeth by just millimeters. My dentist says this an overbite. So I guess your girlfriend has an overbite too, and you seem to be just fine. I wouldn't worry too much about your bite - it's your overall dental health that's of prime importance. See this site for...

How many US WWI vets are still around?
Four still alive as of 4/28/07. The four known surviving World War I veterans are John Babcock, 102, Puget Sound, Wash.- Frank Buckles, 106, Charles Town, W.Va.- Russell Coffey, 108, North Baltimore, Ohio- and Harry Landis, 107, Sun City Center, Fla. There were 5 but one recently died in...

Would it be OK to put fluoride in my retainers and sleep overnight?
Fluoride is one of the most aggressive poisons in the world. Our body was not designed to ingest large quantities of it. Dentists that say fluoride is safe and stand behind the ADA statements are simply following their standard of care that the ADA has determined is safe. The ADA was started...