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Popular Q&A

Please help! I cant find a dentist..?
Sorry about your situation, it sounds pretty crappy. You're right, stopping the coumadin is a bad idea, but I would be a bit skeptical of anyone who charges less than other doctors who isn't concerned about doing it while you're on the drug. Can you get a referral from your family doctor...

I have not done O/A levels.. can i have admission in any american dentistry university?
Even if you are the equivalent of a US high school graduate, you do not meet addmission requirements to any School of Dentistry in US. That is a post-graduate professional program, and requires a university degree which includes all pre-dental student course requirements. You need a bachelors...

Favorite Xmas Present?
my dad got me a GI Joe when I was little, I also had steve austin and a variety of other action men and stuff lol was always a bit of a tom boy! Liked the smoking after sex thing, I think I'll use that to my advantage next time he wants to drag me out of bed to go for a ciggie with him lol

Looking for an equine dentist?
You can call Robin Barrow DVM they travel very experienced in Dentistry. The last number i had is Area 770 464 0890. Or look up the name on Web BARROW VETERINARY CLINIC close to Buford ga.

Did the dentist do a crown lengthening procedure on me?
Hi! The cord he packed around your tooth was NOT FLOSS but a special cord to retract the gum to allow the gum to recede temporarily so an impression could be taken to get a good fit under the gum so there would be no exposure of the margin for decay. Crown Lengthening is typically a surgically...