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Popular Q&A

How much is an office visit to the cherry hill dental office?
From the knowledge of mine,I have good experience here   .Not only was I able to choose from many different discount dental plans in my area, but easily found one that offers incredible savings.

Would I get accepted for medicaid this time?
Reviewing your other questions, you are in NC. Only disabled or blind adults are eligible for medicaid in NC. Hopefully, you will never qualify. - HONESTLY, you should have read the qualification requirements and never applied. Why do you waste government resources, they aren't going to...

Where can i find a dentist who takes medicaid for my 16 year daughter in pensacola FL.They said she cannot go?
Did you try calling the state Medicaid phone number to ask for a dental provider?

If i file for bankruptcy, can i get a student loan for dentistry?
I'm not an expert on this, but I believe the answer is YES. That's because Sallie Mae, a quasi-government entity, insures student loans. And although it also means you may have to pay a higher rate for the loan, once you've already filed bankruptcy, you're less of a risk to a lender since...