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Popular Q&A

I'm a Grade 12 Student, and I want to apply to a University to get into Dentistry.?
I'm also in 12th grade and want to become a dentist. I am going to Georgia College and State Univ. and will be a Pre-dental major then after four years I will transfer (if accepted) to Georgia Medical College, Auburn Univ. or Univ. of FL to get my DMD degree in denistry. You need to find a...

Is the anyway possible, That I can see a dentist without dental insurance?
You can definitely see a dentist without insurnace. You can either go and work out a payment plan with a local dentist, or you can visit your local DES (Department of Economic Security) office and ask them what they have to offer as far as state-provided no cost to you. They...

Dentists and ALL their X-rays?
It isn't always necessary to take xrays and it also depends on the dentist. Sure, they can see cavities on the surface but they can't tell how deep they are or if you have cavities under fillings or in between your teeth in some spots. The xrays also show your bone level (so if your teeth have...

UCs Guaranteed for ELC and College Chances?
UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara are guaranteeing fall 2009 admission to ELC students who satisfactorily complete the subject and examination requirements. UC Berkeley, UCLA, UC San Diego and UC Santa Cruz are not guaranteeding fall 2009 admission to ELC applicants-...

How much do Dental Assistants make?
Dental Assistants can make anywhere from $12.00 to $17.00 to start.I have been doing this for a few years now and I make 22.75 an hour. It also depends on if you go into a specialty or not, such as oral surgery or an endodontist b/c a specialty office will pay more than your general dentist...