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Popular Q&A

How much does dentist make?
A dentist owning a successful practice will make from 150k-400k per year depending on the area you work in and the amount of production you do. If a dentist is only making 75-100k, then his/her patients probably don't like him too much and his practice is not very good. Dental school is a...

Can toothbrushes be recycled ?
The handle of a Recycline Preserve toothbrush, designed by dentists, is made out of polypropylene plastic that has been recycled from used Stonyfield Yogurt cups. And when a Preserve toothbrush reaches the end of its effective life, consumers can either put it out on the curb in the blue bin...

I have not done O/A levels.. can i have admission in any american dentistry university?
Even if you are the equivalent of a US high school graduate, you do not meet addmission requirements to any School of Dentistry in US. That is a post-graduate professional program, and requires a university degree which includes all pre-dental student course requirements. You need a bachelors...

How do I find a dr/dentist who will treat canker sores?
I am FIVE YEARS LATER with your problem.. and here is what I found out: Acyclovir is for herpes-herpes are COLD SORES not mouth ulcers on the interior of your mouth. I took it for mouth ulcers mistakenly from someone's advice and it did nothing. It's a MISDIAGNOSIS. Stop listening to ppl who...

Qualifications in UK to study dentistry, please help?
The exact grades and 'points' required will vary from university to university, but you will certainly need a good set. Dentistry, like medicine and veterinary medicine, is oversubscribed. You should aim to get A grades in 3 (relevant) A-levels. The majority of your GCSE grades should be A*/A...