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Popular Q&A

I really want to become a dentist what grades do i need?
There is a great shortage of dentists in the UK and universities are often flexible. My advice is to go onto the UCAS website: Whilst you are still a few years off going to uni it will give you an idea of the grades they ask for but mainly the amount of points you will...

Where can one go for some quality cosmetic dentistry in Thailand?
For example: Dental Hospital Sukhumvit Soi 49 Bangkok Tel.: + 66 2 260 50 00 email: I do not know if there exist a rating system for dentistry here. But I can confirm that they are good and much cheaper than USA/Europe. If you come for limited...

Are these grades good enough for dentistry?
It depends where you want to go. You have to have chemistry and biology at A Level, absolute minimum. Some dental schools insist on physics and maths A Levels as well. It's also very useful to have Maths, Further Maths or Physics. The school I go to for science practials (I'm a home ed'er)...

Does anyone know a Dentist in the Quad City area (IL &IA) that takes the Illinois medical card?
That's a shame, but I don't know anyone in the Quad City Area.

Why did my dentist only give me grape flavoured toothpaste as an option for my cleaning?
lol She's a racist ***** that needs to be taught a lesson! You should go to her home and replace her toothpaste with mayonnaise! that'll show her