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Popular Q&A

Liposuction Course in India?
Lots of good stuff coming out of India these days. Check out for Herbal health as well. Looks like quite an organization.

Dental Question: Need to know the exact cost of 'Root Canal Treatment' & 'Dental Cap/Crown Implant' in Chennai?
Do you have a temporary crown on now? I am a dental lab tech and make crowns for dentists . I don't completely understand price/procedures on the dentists end since I rarely see the dentist or the patients. I just make the crown from your impression the dr. Sends me . But I think I can help...

New Age Dental's Dr. Richie Lerias aka Mommy Dearest?
Well its actually the labs fault so he should have said so and then tried to follow it up himself or the patient can go directly and sort it out, most dentists go for the former although the latter is not a no no. The fault lies with the lab actually and should be sorted out by them.

What is the USA license exam for dentists?
National Board Examination score, Part I and Part II passed in the five years prior to submission of your completed application. This examination is offered throughout the United States and Canada. For information contact: American Dental Association Commission on National Board Examination...

I'm worried about my son, is he alright?
...... ................... .................................. What's the problem now? That's alot of achievement and i am assuming he's going to be a junior or senior this year? If he wants to be a dentist or Dermatologist, apply to the school of his choice and whatever good schools are in...