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Popular Q&A

Is barts and london school of medicine and dentistry a good and well known medical school in the UK? Barts and London is part of Queen Mary University. Here is the league tables for medicine so look at Queen Mary University which is quite near the top.

Question for Tooth 975 about Functional Orthodontists?
You can go to ANY dentist or orthodontist who knows functional orthodontics. Membership of the dentist in the IAO is NOT relevant. I simply recommend that site because it lists dentists who treat using functional technique. I know of no other way to find a dentist with functional orthodontic...

How should I spend this $10,000 cash wedding gift to better our circumstances?
first, pay the taxes which leaves you $8000. second, pay the $8500 credit card bill. Use the $300 you put in savings for two months. Why? Because this frees up $166 dollars a month, which you can then use to pay off the other card quickly. Which then frees up another $39 a month. This is called...

Looking for procedure in dentistry called balplasty partial.?
I agree with the above responder, it's a Valplast partial, one without the metal framework. This type partial has more flexibility or give than the metal framework ones although they are said to be more comfortable to wear.

I need an affordable dentist in my area. Gainesville Ga.?
Either go with the dental plans or the eHealth Plus membership. The latter is a bit more expensive but will likely save you more bottom line in the Gainesville, GA area. Compare and see.