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Popular Q&A

Anyone know of a good honest pediatric dentist around phoenix, AZ?
We go to West Valley Pediatric Dentistry. They have 3 or 4 valley locations and they're awesome!

When do you plan on making that much needed dentist appointment?
I have to go to the dentist in June. I went in December...but wait! I'm going to the orthodontist on Tuesday... The smell is...ONIONS!

How much is my 1980s dentist chair worth?
Not many people would collect sure a large antique, so probably not as much as you are hoping.

Any practicing dentists out there?
If you are 52, you can get dental insurance through AARP... it's through Delta Dental, and there are alot of participating providers all over the US who are signed up with it. Check it out! Alot of my patients have it, and the monthly premiums are minimal. The only 'problem' with it is that...