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Popular Q&A

I have a bad tooth that has to be pulled NOW, but I have no money or insurance at all. Where can I go?
It won't be free, but it should be a lot cheaper than a regular dentist: Call and see what they have for emergency services. Even if they can't see you there, they should be able to guide you to other low cost options available in your area.

Can I sue my dentist?
You can sue anybody for anything, if you're able to find an attorney to take the case. In this situation, though, you'd need to have the attorney find a credible witness - another dentist - who would be willing to testify in court as an "expert witness" that there was negligence or malpractice...

Will regular dentists redo root canals?
Some general dentists will, especially if they did the root canal in the first place. Most will not since there is a reason that it didn't work the first time. An endodontist really is the best way to go to retreat a root canal. They have more schooling and specialized equipment.

Nice knowing you???!!?
yep, you are doomed. nothing worse than a revenge minded dentist. hope his assistant is cute, that at least will make it all worth while. despite the pain. and blood.

My 12 year old nephew is being charged with Felony Aggravated Battery for defending himself.?
The gay slur could be called "fighting words" or in other words provocative to the point of precipitating the aggression. The fact that your nephew "waited until the kid had his fill" indicates that your nephew was not provoked beyond his ability to resist and that opens him up to the battery...