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Popular Q&A

Why is it that some (maybe most) children cry and are very fearful of the dentist's chair??
The main reason why children are afraid of the dentist is... their parents and relatives. It's true! Parents will tell their child before his or her first visit that "it's not so bad! He or SHe probably won't even get a needle!" or older siblings will try to scare the child by telling them...

Hi: Do you know something about Sendax Mini Dental Implants?. Please let me know?

4 year old afraid to go back to dentist.?
This is not done to cut off the child's air supply as their nose is not covered. But often, the child is crying or screaming so loudly, that this is the only way a dentist can calmly get through to the child by talking to them. It is not an abusive technique and is a last means of attempting...

In Melbourne, how much does it cost to pull out a tooth?
forget what larry said, medicare DOES NOT cover dental - only if you book yourself in for an emergency treatment at the dental hospital in carlton will it be free. most dentist surgeries will do a decent job of pulling out teeth if you need it. I had to have a wisdom tooth pulled out about...

Does Michigan State University have a good pre-dentistry program?
I just graduated from Michigan with a econ degree... trust me... go to UofM... it's a much much better school and you will have waaaaaaay better chance of getting into grad school from UofM over MSU... I have heard the same thing that UM prefers other applicants but that has not been the case...