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Popular Q&A

What are the best Cal State Schools for Biology and International Business?
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo or Pomona for anything science related — especially biology. Cal State Fullerton for anything business related. Other good options for both majors are: Cal State Long beach Cal State Northridge San Diego State San Jose State

Is it worth all the schooling to become a dentist?
If it wasn't there would not be so many people applying (only about 1 in 40 are accepted). You will have a very comfortable and satisfying life. It will be hard and there will be many challenges, but what things worthwhile are not? Good luck.

How is life as a dentist?
If you take after my dentist, you will be in the office from 7 am - 7 pm and he's there every day except Sundays. He is very anal about his job and everything has to be perfect. I think he's a work-a-holic. You have to be very committed to that type of a job because people hurt their teeth...

Is nursing an Allied Health profession?
Allied health professions are health care professions distinct from dentistry, nursing, medicine, podiatry and pharmacy.[1] One estimate reported allied health professionals make up 60 percent of the total health workforce.[2] They work in health care teams to make the health care system function...

Could somebody give me a perfect list of Universities/Colleges in Texas that offer a Pre-Dental program ?
Information is below. For each school that interests you place the name of each school separately into your favorite search engine and then add the phrase reviews and rankings. Compare and contrast them./