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Popular Q&A

Can my dentist refer me to an orthodontic?
As you are over the age for NHS orthodontics you can self refer. Just go to your nearest orthodontic practice and make an appointment. The cost is high with it reaching up to around ?5000 for the treatment.

Braces for Daughter! Extract molars or not?!?
I'm a dentist. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, ENOUGH WITH THE SECOND, THIRD, FOURTH, AND FIFTH OPINIONS!! Extraction of the first (or second) premolars is a very common treatment that has little if any ill effect. Yes, it's better to keep them, but for heaven's sake, if your daughter's orthodontist...

Where is a cheap place to get your teeth whitened in los angeles?
Whitening performed by a dentist is never going to be cheap. But you can do it yourself for a lot less. It won't be quite as effective as a dentist's treatment, but it will also cost no more than 5 or 10 percent as much. Of the home whitening processes, the best one is probably the Crest...

What should i major in Physical Therapist, OT, or Pediatric Dentistry?
I think you should go into a career you want to go into. If you think about it those jobs that offer more income, also come with a lot of stress. Personally, I would be an occupational therapist. Then maybe a pediatric dentistry. Not so much physical therapy because that job requires...

Gonna go get. A cavity filled?
That is not likely to happen. What can happen is BAD DENTISTRY and that is far more a problem for you to be aware of and deal with on an intelligent, educated level. A cavity is an infection. If your dentist installs AMALGAM (silver) fillings, go to another dentist that does not do that...