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Popular Q&A

How much does dental bonding cost (pref. in little rock, AR)per tooth?
The cost of dental bonding depends on what kind of insurance you have. Some insurances would even consider it cosmetic and not cover it at all. The best coverage for cosmetic dentistry and dental bonding in LR. AR, is dentalservice4less. Make sure you have dentists close to you.

What kind of gum does the 5th dentist recommend, then?
They probably just failed to ask that one and just went with the info they I recommend gum with Xylitol as the first ingredient. Orbit has it 3rd, which isn't as helpful for cavity reduction. Ice Breakers has it first as well as gum sold on the internet.

Who makes more money in northern VA, a general dentist or a medical doctor?
A general dentist makes about the same as a general practitioner MD, but works less hours. Once you start comparing specialties it gets jumbled.

Is it really THAT hard to get employed in law?
I really don't think it would be that "hard" to get a job if you have a law degree. But it's not going to be glamorous while you are in university or for even 5 or so years after. If you need an internship in university you just take one for no pay. Who the hell wouldn't give you a job for...

Festus Kane and Snitsky?
Kane was also Lawler's evil dentist, Dr. Isaac Yankem. Snitsky was Gene Snitsky... it was an obvious character change but WWE doesn't really hide it, or mention it.