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Popular Q&A

I need to get my wisdom tooth pulled and i cant afford insurance and i need to find a cheap dentist ASAP!?
Most dental schools will extract wisdom teeth. I included a link below with US dental schools (I'm not sure if they are close to your area). You can also try looking for a public health clinic. Many states have public health dental clinics that will treat you for a reduced rate, or maybe...

Oregon pediatric dentists....?
Hope this helps and I hope it is current. A phone call will confirm. Ruby Marshall S DMD Dentistry For Children 1600 Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard Suite 109 Portland, OR 97225 Phone: (503) 644-4749

Does the dentist decide the filling material?
Of course you can ask. If multiple options are appropriate and safe, your dentist will advise you. If you ask for something unsafe or inappropriate (e.g., lead), he'll tell you that he can't do it that way.

What is the phobia of the dentist called?
An online search reveals that there are two possible candidates: dentophobia odontophobia The second, perhaps surprisingly, yields more than twice as many results. It's also truer to the way the words for phobias are coined, because "dent-" is Latin in origin (dens, dentis, tooth) while "odonto-"...