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Popular Q&A

Moving to windsor For School U of Windsor?
I just moved here to Windsor in September for law school and so far the city is okay. I live off-campus, about a 5-9 minute walk from the campus. The rent is pretty expensive (roughly $800). It can also be difficult without a car i.e. to go grocery shopping. Some of my friends live in residence...

Your opinion on Dr. Sohoni in Mountain View, CA?
Do you me Dr. Mia Sohoni? No Opinions Please Try Dr. Google or Yahoo Rates Ask for a couple of references from satisfied customers. A sinus lift is a pretty advanced procedure he must have many implants under his belt. Can't hurt to ask.

Chicago Chinatown Second Floor?
It sure sounds like the Chinese Cultural Bookstore. They are located on the second floor of the newer Chinatown shops, in the "strip-mall" area.

If you get you gp or dentist to sign your passport renewal form do you have to pay them?
I've had a doctor and a dentist sign these documents for me in the past and was never charged a fee, I don't think they are allowed to charge a fee.

Does a dentist have to inform you of price before you have a service done?
When you are back in the dentist chair, the dentist is concerned about your teeth and not so much your wallet. In the middle of a filling, the decay can go to the nerve in a hurry and then you are in to a root canal and a crown(crap) They(the dr and assistant) should stop and go over an informed...