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Popular Q&A

Is there any free information out there for new dentists starting a dental practice for the first time?
Yes there is, Dr. Charles Martin has been in business for over 30 years and has a free T.V. show on the internet. Check it out here:

I need help with homework?
1845 American, Elias Howe invents a sewing machine. Robert William Thomson patents the first vulcanised rubber pneumatic tire. 1846 Dr. William Morton, a Massachusetts dentist, is the first to use anesthesia for tooth extraction. 1847 Hungarian, Ignaz Semmelweis invents antisceptics. 1848 Waldo...

Celebrity couples outfits???
How about any of these? l Capone/Gangster's Moll Ape/Bananas Astronaut/Genie Baseball Hero/Cheerleader Batman/Catwoman Beast/Beauty Buccaneer/Spanish Senorita Caesar/Cleopatra Captain Hook/Peter Pan Caveman/Cavegirl Clyde/Bonnie Confederate Officer/Southern Bell Convict/Gangster's Moll Convict/Keystone...

Where can I find an excellent Periodontist who has a good reputation in Central Florida?
Lake Mary Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Edward KennedyPeriodontics & Implant Dentistry of Central Florida, P.A.. Dr. Edward Kennedy 910 Williston Park Point Lake Mary, FL 32746. Phone: 407-833-8522 ... Dr. R. Dennis Ahl Periodontist in Altamonte Springs FL499 E Central Pkwy Ste 245...