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Popular Q&A

Which is a better union for nurses in NY- 1199 or NYSNA?
neither.... why are you in favor of a union as a professional? why don't doctors and dentists have unions? hmmmmm?

Does anyone in the Ashland , ky area know about the dentist Glenn Spradlin doing braces?
If he is an ortho there is nothing to worry about. My orthos assistant nurse fitted mine and they're perfect.

Any dentists out there?
A bachelors degree in ANYTHING is a good idea, and I'd say Biology is one of the better ones, but I can remember folks in my class coming from all sorts of backgrounds...everything from Accounting, Art, History, Finance, Chemistry, Psychology, and Zoology. Dental schools aren't looking to...

What is the tool the dentist uses to polish your teeth?
Your dentist uses a "Prophy Cup" on a slow speed air turbine driven handpiece. The prophy cup is a small rubber cup that spins much faster than a conventional "Electric Toothbrush". Your dentist or hygienist places "Prophy Paste" on the cup, which is an abrasive cleansing polish!

Do you know any good doctors and dentists around the Dallas TX area?
I think the best way to find a doctor and dentist for your family is to ask your insurance company. A doctor I recommend may not participate in your insurance and would not be a good fit for you.