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Popular Q&A

Tricare Dental Insurance---need wisdom teeth out asap!?
Http:// to find a dentist near you that accepts United Concordia. You will still have to pay out of pocket the only thing free with it is 2 cleanings a year. Depending on your area it could be up to $700 that you need to pay or more if your coverage hasn't started...

Where did i get whitening pils or whitening cream or treatment in karachi help me plz?
Did you already get some and forgot where you got it ? Or do you want to get info on where to get some ? Anyway , this is one of the dentists in Karachi : Give them a call and find out about the procedure and cost. Contact other individual dentist's office...

CARE CREDIT?? EVERY doctor and dentist, or only certain ones?
Sorry, not all dentists accept care credit. They have to be under contract with care credit and pay a fee to accept the card and get the electronics necessary. However, many dentists do take it and you should be able to find one pretty easily. Good luck!

Help in Florida?
Welcome to Florida! I have only been here for a little over a year and I love it. You should check into a dental school in the Tampa area. Having dental work done at a dental school will be alot cheaper than going to a private practice. The dental students will be doing the work under the supervision...

Pediatric Dentist ..?
Most dentist would just recommend taking your son with you when you have a check-up. This is just to familiarize him with the surrounding and to let him know that it is just something that "we" do on a regular basis, as is going to the hairdressers etc. It is very usual that a child under...