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Popular Q&A

Please tell me how to become a dentist, give me all the facts please?
Hello, as a dentist myself I can tell you that a career in dentistry is a very rewarding career that takes a lot of determination and dedication. If you just graduated high school then you will need to enroll in a four-year college to receive a bachelors degree, most dental schools require...

Cheap dentists or plans in Vancouver?
Is there anyway for you to work on one tooth now to get you out of pain? Are all of the 4 teeth hurting as bad as the other? Can your dentist do a temporary treatment to help you while you finish the treatment one at a time? You can try going to dental schools, but that may not be a quick solution...

Am i getting conned by my dentist?
Your tooth has a crack in it, did it actually break off or only crack. If it cracked but didn't break off = Your options are the root canal and crown or extraction than bridge or implant. = the root canal option will save the tooth for now. In the future you will most likely need to do the...