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Popular Q&A

An apple a day keeps the doctor away?
My dad always says, every cigarette shortens your life with 1 day and every apple prolongs your life with 1 day. Ofc thats not true but he says this to me so that when i grow up I won't smoke =)

Whats the cheap but clean n best place to stay in cebu.i have three kids 21,19 n 10 plus me n my hubby?
Here is the Kiwi Lodge website You haven't said what your budget is so your cheap could be luxury for me. Anyway, has lots of good deals. Check the Cebu section here Some deals to check out on there - Marco Polo Hotel for...

Are there any dentists in Singapore doing amalgam removal?
I'm sure you'll find someone if you just ring around. If you want to replace them for health reasons, then you will not make any difference. There is no danger to your health from amalgams. The mercury is bound up as an inorganic intermetallic compound (that's why it sets and goes hard) and...

Which of these animal-related careers require only a 4-year (bachelor's) animal science major degree?
You could probably get away with a 4 year education for these careers: • Agricultural Educator • Agricultural/University Extension Agent • Consultant for Nutritional Programs • Embryo Transfer Technician • Environmental Risk Manager • Environmental Technician • Extension Agent for 4-H • Quality...

Teeth Veneers - pros and cons?
To be honest, if you're aiming for a hollywood smile, you're setting yourself up for failure. I hear from many patient's that they want a smile like Julia Roberts, but the truth is only Julia Roberts will have that smile. In many cases the patient's expectations were never met because the...