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Popular Q&A

Is there a cream that can replace Botox?
No. Botox is a protein that paralyzes muscles. It works like this: Your muscles are controlled by nerves. These motor nerves have several branches, i.e. axon terminals, that form a junction with your muscle called the neuromuscular junction. Botox works there. Inside the axon terminals are...

How much will it hurt when the dental anaesthetic wears off, after root canal treatment?
I underwent a root canal last week and two injections after the treatment. it didn't hurt, but just felt a little uncomfortable. Hurt a wee bit afterwards for a couple of days but not terribly bad. I must admit that my Dentist was too good and friendly, he did a magic and i would refer all...

I need some help with this chemistry plzz?
OMG U PPL DONT KNOW ANYTHING. of course, the whole thing makes ice. dry ice. your teacher is trying to trick u. i swear, that happens to pretty much every school. live with it

Do dentists have to perform surgery as part of there job description or do they just look at teeth?
Some dentists have the training to perform surgery, they have more training (oral surgeon). A general dentist can pull some teeth out, do root canals, do fillings, and clean your teeth.

Does anyone know an easy way to find a really good dentist?
I'm just like you. I even hate cleanings. My last cleaning I due into my hand so hard with my nails I drew blood. Try here - direct link to finding dentists - Also search google - enter in sedition dentist (your city...