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Popular Q&A

Is my dentist crazy?
As a dentist I am not sure why your regular dentist prescribed you this much medication. I can understand the Percocet, Ibuprofen (as this can usually be taken with Percocet if pain is not relieved), Phenergan and Amoxicillin (I assume you have no penicillin allergy) but the Vicodin is a little...

What YouTube video(s) do you never ever get sick of?
Dark Night Trailer Spoof Carlton Banks Dance David Cook Wins American Idol Joey and Ross Talk Dirty

J.O.N.A.S TV show summary?
J.O.N.A.S The Jonas Brothers seem to be your typical teen rock band hoping to make it to the big time. They travel the country in their rickety tour bus, performing shows, selling homemade CDs and meeting fans. What a life! What the fans don't know is that the Jonas Brothers are actually J...

The dentists who happen to do "shotty and/or sloppy work"-are they hoping you have2have root canal soon after?
Some dentists are like that and I find it disgusting about the field (I've reported several dentists and testified against them). It's great you found someone, but if it doesn't work out and you can jog over to Manhattan, there's a great dentist there (I'd see him if I didn't live in California)...

What kind of dentist fixes TMJ?
Any dentist who has taken the time to go to advance seminars to learn how to diagnose and treat TMJ disorders can treat TMJ. Functional orthodontists, however, can correct it the most effectively, IMHO. The dentists to avoid are oral surgeons (they only know how to cut) and traditional orthodontists...