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Popular Q&A

Where Can I find a karaoke version of Dentist! from Little Shop of Horrors? its in kinda a weird format (midi not mp3) but u should be able to use it. good luck!

How to to find a good dentist?
I'm not in CT so I wouldn't know a dentist there but I can give you some suggestions in how to find a good one. If you are actually looking for a good dentist, not cheap service, I would suggest that you go to the dentist office before making an appointment. Make sure the office has the latest...

Where is the dentist in the highstreet on pippa funnell3?
Here you go this should keep you busy: Statues: • Flora - In antique shop • Horse - Go for a walk, take the first left, travel along for a while, go over the bridge and there’s a cart on your left, get off the horse and it’s on the cart. • Mr Oldmaster - In the chapel The very first challenge...

Why is seeing a dentist so expensive?
So what's your answer Tom? You want free dental care? I have news for you. Nothing is free. Someone is giving away the service for nothing, or others (the taxpayers), are paying for it. What about the decade of learning that was spent in college and the loans of an average of $250,000...

M a T c H g A m E Q u E s T i O n S ?
Mary was married to Tom, a dentist. Right before they made love, Tom always told Mary to ____!" (Remove her braces?) ------------------------------... Dumb Dora was so dumb........(How dumb was she?).....she was so dumb, that when she went to Target, she wore a ________.(Market?)