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Popular Q&A

Ideal plan for becoming a dentist?
I had a similar ambition about being a Dentist (OMS). Most students start thinking about stuff like making money and gaining expereince for dental schoool...well first you have to plan everything out to get IN to dental school and this is how you do that: D-school is very hard to get into,...

Any Des Moines dentists Iowa open on Sunday?

Why are the 1-800-DENTIST commercials so corny?
Probably because the founder is corny. I produce local commercials on the same leve as these 1800DENTIST commercials and a lot of the time the personality of the guy paying for productions comes across. After all, they're shelling out the money- they decide the tone of the commercial. You...

Whats The Funniest Joke?
I GOT 27 STARS FOR MY JOKE........ SO IT'SVERY FUNNY..... HERE'S THE LINK YOU CAN VOTE: IN THE NEXT 40 MINS. Your Undecided Question Show me another » A JOKE ABOUT WOMEN...? It's just a joke....... and it's funny........ The 10 Most Important Men...

First time Dentist visit - How much is it? Im 15 and live in North Texas?
Well, I'm in the Irving/Las Colinas area, but would not label myself as cheap. We do Invisalign braces, and offer a free consultation with x-ray, so feel free to give us a call. See for contact information.