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Popular Q&A

Affordable dentists in S. NH? Please help!? You can call up the individual offices and compare the fees.

Going to college in another state?
Applying to colleges in other states is pretty much like applying in your own state. You will fill out an application, send them any extra materials they may want (there's a good chance they'll want your school to send proof that you are graduating), and wait for them to get back to you. ...

To all DA's and Dr.'s..?
Unfortunately you work for what is referred to as a 'Chop Shop'... overbook patients and make them wait- the office focuses on quantity and not quality. The doctors see dollar signs at the patients' expense. The dentists probably even do their own ortho, oral surgery and root canals, too,...

How much does teeth whitening cost?
i live in perth and i have a teeth whitening kit from my dentist that costed $300.00 ..You can get them whitened once and have instant results but it's costs about $500.00 otherwise what i had was they take a mold of your mouth and make you plastic guards that fit your teeth and you pour whitening...

I cant find any good monologues!!?
Malvina Speaks What are you talking about? (beep) What the hell are you talking about? (beep) You were not at the dentist today. (beep) because i called.. I called every dentist in Westport and you didn't set foot in any of those offices. (beep) Cavity my ***. And the appendix last summer...