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Popular Q&A

Dentists in Louisiana?
I go to LSU dental school in New Orleans. You can find them on the web. They have a student clinic that's as cheap as you can get. Call them and make an appointment.

Dental program for low income families?
There's a bunch of different companies online that are NOT insurance. They ARE discount cards once you become a member. For ex. ameriplan, signature dental plan, but actually there's a website w/a listing of it looks like 30 different companies. They all average abt the same price like 10-15...

Can anyone proofread my FIT admissions essay?
Constructive criticism here... 1. Fashion has not been in your family (according to this letter) for ages. Your grandmother, I assume is working as the neighborhood seamstress but your mother does not appear to have the urge to go that direction. You should rephrase the opening statement. ...

Dentistry, I had a pre - molar removed. Should i get an implant ?
As the type of dentist that did dental implants, I would highly advise you to go with the implant. The implant is the best choice for several reasons. First, by doing an implant, the adjacent teeth that would have been prepared ("cut down") to create the abutments needed to support the bridge...

If wars in the USA were self funding-- would American objections end right there?
America has seen what can happen if evil people are allowed run free and do as they please. WWII certainly demonstrated that fact. America doesn't like war and is always ready to find an alternative but unless you wage war when it is needed, the bad people in this world would run amok. America...