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Popular Q&A

Reining/Western trainers/lesons around Grand Rapids, MI?
Let's see - I live in Flint - there are a good 3 or more I know of. - In Saginaw Michigan, Bill Thomas - Bill Thomas Performance horses. - In Portland Michigan (I think that's where - close to Lansing MI) - Pat ...trying to think of last name...I can't remember - In Freeland Michigan, Gene...

Does anyone know where i may get an inexpensive tooth extraction in charlotte nc?
I think your best shot is the county health dept or a dental college if there is one in your area.

Help With work experience/ volunteer work for medical school?
It does not all have to be 'health' linked. It is more to show that you can interact and mix with different people. They need to be able to see that you have not just studied like mad and can be part of a group, do things and get on with people. Duke of Edinburgh Awards are a good all round...

Would Obama be ruined if it came out that he had all his teeth capped?
Nah, hasn't ruined me yet. But seriously, I really don't think it would make a difference. Personally I think it would be a boon for the cosmetic dentistry industry. God bless! MM

Sedation Dentistry on Monday. Questions. PLEASE HELP?
The drug most commonly used for sedation dentistry is Midazolam, administered via intravenous injection. Midazolam is a powerful sedative related to Valium, which also reduces anxiety and has amnestic (amnesia-inducing) effects. So chances are you wont remember the procedure.