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Popular Q&A

Does any one in the Tampa, Fl area know of an oral surgeon facilities that is cheaper then a regular place?
They should be a place around Tampa that teaches Dentistry, they actually practice on real patients, overseen by a Registered Dentist by the way, and they just charge a fraction of the regular Dentist cost just to cover their costs as they are not allowed to work for profit yet. Check the...

How can I get cheap braces? I'm looking around to pay 3000?
One thing make sure you don't get teeth extracted, you'll only end up wanting to reverse the process once its done. They take 4 teeth out, retracted all the front teeth back to fill in the space and ruin your facial profile. What you want is teeth expansion

Is dentistry considered cosmetic ? What is the average salary of a dentist?
Hi. It's only considered cosmetic for some procedures. For example, a normal filling or tooth replacement is not cosmetic but if you got a gold tooth/filling instead of the normal one it can be considered cosmetic. For the most part it isn't. Salary will depend on where you live, you should...

Why are peps scared of these things?
The way the look sound or feel :)

Toddler dental question, see through spot on tooth?
It is good that you are going to see the dentist next week. Unfortunately, many family dentists are not familiar with problems with toddlers' teeth. I hope yours is. I have worked in pediatric dentistry for 30 years and have seen many problems missed or misdiagnosed. Children can have thin...