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Popular Q&A

Alternatives to tooth bonding?
There are many treatment to get straighter whiter teeth. Dr. Rabanus is currently the only cosmetic dentist in San Francisco who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). You can check more here

I want to do dentistry but grades aren't good ? ?
Hello. The British Dental Association has a list of A-level requirements for different universities. I suggest you look up dentistry courses on the UCAS course search and have a look at the entrance requirements section. You may find that your GCSEs...

Are there any dentists on Yahoo Answers?!?
You won't know if the antibiotics have cleared the infection but the dentist will. Forget the scare stories, everyone likes to exaggerate their medical and dental experiences. With modern anaesthetics and modern dental techniques you have nothing to worry about for the root canal. As far as...

I need a Dentists that takes medical cards where do i go?
If you are talking about insurance... You can find a Dentist that takes insurance and be charged to $150 to have a tooth extracted....Of which the insurance may only pay $100... Or you can go to a cheaper Dentist and pay the $80 out of your pocket and have the insurance pay you back....

Would a dentist notice gum disease?
Yes they would notice and chart it as it is part of the accepted examination procedure. If he probed around as well that sometimes makes the teeth more sensitive and you are always more aware once they have been examined anyway. Gum disease is also more than just a taste, and you would spit...