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Popular Q&A

Dentistry in scotland help?
To apply for dentistry at Glasgow university, they ask for AAAAB at higher level and you have to get at least AABB in the first year if you are doing your highers over two years. I'm unsure which subjects would be best so you could email the universities you're interested in to find out. However...

How much is it usually to have the dentist bleach your teeth?
Around $600 - $2000 depending on what you want done and the severity of the stains on your teeth. There are a two types of common professional bleaching. One type is where they make custom trays that fit to your teeth perfectly and they give you a gel (such as opalescence) to put in the trays...

Do you think i have what it takes to make it to Dental School?
A Bachelor's degree in anything will get you in as long as you have the required courses which you would likely get in your Biology major. What you should do when you get to college: Join a Pre-dental club. They have knowledge to get you on the right track. You need to keep your GPA as high...

Good University for orthodontist in NJ?
Hi Random Guy First you need to complete dental school before you specialize in orthodontia. Pre-dental is usually a two or three year program. There are a number of undergraduate schools that have "articulation agreements" with the Rutgers School of Dentistry. that is a good way to go if you...