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Popular Q&A

Medicine or dentistry?
I would go with doctor rather than dentist. I have read that most dentists are very dissatisfied with their career choices and that particular profession has the highest suicide rate. On a better note if you are interested in dentistry more than medicine you might actually enjoy cosmetic dentistry...

General Dentistry Questions ?
Good choice. I will try and answer the best I can for you. 1. DAT scores should be in the 90th percentile or higher and GPA should be at least 3.7. 2. The more you can wow them the better your chances of getting in so I would say all this extracurricular stuff is important. Remember, most dental...

I have a job physical coming up for the city of spokane wa. What will happen during the physical?
Why didn't you ask when you were scheduled? Bathe before the physical. If you stink the doctors (like dentists looking in smelly mouths) may hurt you! You may have to pee in a cup so hold off until you get to the office. Sometimes it is just a dope check. Sometimes they do a dope check...

Reliable dentist in mexico city?
Contact the American Embassy on Paseo de la Reforma. They have lists of medical doctors by specialty:

Are dentists required to disclose the cost implications of a procedure before perfroming?
if a dentist search the information for you before doing the treatment, ihe is giving you a favor.. He doest have to... the insurance is not between the dentist and the insurance company... it is between you and your insurance... the dentist treat you and your insurance reimburse you whatever...