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Popular Q&A

I need a Dentist in around Northern Indiana with a sliding fee schedule.?
Go to yahoo and type in " dental programs list by state" and see what comes up. lists dental colleges/programs by state and then you can call one (they also give the phone number) and find out if they accept new patients. Also you can search for "health centers" in your state...

Best dentist in thailand?
Well your stuck there buddy im thia but they dont have the pretiest teeth around i would ask the locals for that so i wish you luck and happy Vacation and such

How much (generally) should root canal cost?
A root canal can cost from 700 up to 1000 dollars, go for a crown if that will work, root canals should be a last result and even then if they don't get it right the nerve may still be sensitive.

How can I whiten my teeth without a dentist?
I'm a dentist so I generally recommend getting them whitened professionally in a dentists office but I know how expensive it can be so here are some cheaper ways you can whiten at home. 1) Use whitening toothpastes after 4 times a day but brush LIGHTER so you don't ruin your gums. Using baking...

Was Joseph Goebbels a very good public speaker like Hitler was? or how compared?
Hitler was actually one of the most inspiring and mesmerizing public speakers in history. It was his greatest talent. The gas attack Hitler had suffered had affected his vocal chords and he spoke in a manner that few had heard before. Many who later heard Hitler speak at public rallies claimed...