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Popular Q&A

Any Japanese dentists within an hour of DC?
well, yes, the trolls are everywhere and particularly here. then there are others who actually have an agenda and just happen to sound like trolls. i don't know the answer to your question, but i think it would be helpful to specify whether you mean just someone with japanese ancestry, or...

Tense, horrible jaw pain after a dentist cleaned me like an object.
Well I would go back to the dentist and complain about the pain, they may be able to help you with it, Dentist objects should be sterile and stainless steel and i dont think you have tetnus but i would recommend you go back there and tell them how you feel, they must help. Also if you have...

Cosmetic dentistry to fix crooked teeth?
I don't know if you could use cosmetic denistry for that. Usually it is just for damaged teeth, not crooked. But you can look into getting those invisalign braces (they are really clear retainers) and wear those. My friend had them a few years ago and you couldn't notice them at all. those...

Is there a orthodontist where they could put on braces for a chip price in Santa Ana CA?
What's cheap to you? 1100 dollars? 1300 maybe? It depends on your case and severity. You can shop around for dentists, I guess. Or maybe get a referall by one of your friends. Sometimes price isn't everything. Distance, dentist attitude towards you, and how they treat you in the chair...

Can a foreign dentist practise in california?
The dentist would need to apply for a license in Cali. And the licensing commission requires 2 year 'upgrade' program because schools around the world each differently based on where. They don't necessarily teach less or badly in other countries, but in America things are done differently then...