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Popular Q&A

What is the recent dental devices?
If you are asking new technology, I would have to say.. 1)Cerec in-office crown and bridge fabrication 2)Digital radiography (less radiation exposure) 3)Lasers for cutting tooth and tissue(less evasive) 4)Pain free anesthesia (the wand) 5)Paperless/Computerized offices 6)Zoom whitening (1hr...

Does ueber in German take the accusative?
Neither of your answers is correct, I'm afraid. 1) "Uber" is a so-called two-way preposition, which means that it is followed by the dative or the accusative. 2) If "uber" refers to a fixed location, it triggers the dative case. E.g. Das Bild hangt uber dem Schrank. If "uber" refers to motion...

How can i get a dentist in hawaii that takes monthly payments i dont have ins but i make 1122.00 a mounth. i?
Go to eHealthPlus, click on Find a dentist and then call their offices and ask this same question.

How Much does Waterlase Dentistry Cost Per Tooth?
Its about 100 to 150 dollars per tooth average, Waterlase is a new technology so you will find it hard to get a dentist who has it and if you do find one, chances are they will do all under one roof, you should search for a prosthodontist or cosmetic dentist under the listings

Kindly reply if you understand the AUC course system.?
Hatesta7mel to3od 8 sneen tzaker ? dentistry + AUC = sa3b gedan . w ba3den theatre da hate3mel bee eh ? w aslan maynfa3sh ta5od less than 12 credits fel semester f AUC.