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Popular Q&A

Dentist for children?
Can't help you for new york, but if you would like to travel to brisbane Australia, you could try Jorgensen Mutzelburg Dental :) I did a quick search and found a website which appears to list a bunch of childrens dentists in new york:

Never been to the dentist?
I've been going to the dentist twice a year since I was 3 years old. It doesn't hurt at all. Sometimes my jaw gets kind of sore for holding it open for so long, but otherwise it's not painful for me. I know some people who are scared of the dentist. I don't understand it, but it is a pretty...

Poll: Do you think I should go to Africa?
if you turn on the radio and it plays Africa by Toto then yes, i hear that song but its when i think of a girl that i wish was mine and the song says , hurry boy shes waiting there for you, when i do,

If you get you gp or dentist to sign your passport renewal form do you have to pay them?
I've had a doctor and a dentist sign these documents for me in the past and was never charged a fee, I don't think they are allowed to charge a fee.

Need info on becoming a dentist?
You need to check with your state's dental college. Most have a website that tells of the classes required to enter. There will be LOTS of sciences and math. You will want to check this first so you don't take uneccesary classes. Make sure the classes you have already taken transfer. Be...